Block Plant

Bangladesh-a developing country with steady GDP growth and the highest population density in the world, automatically directs towards great increase in construction material demands. Of them conventional burnt clay bricks top the demand chart. In last decade these clay brick fields have occupied substantial amount of arable land and precious greenery. Besides poisonous smoke coming out of the brick kilns threaten environment by affecting the precious atmospheric ozone layer. Rapid urbanization has come at a great cost of unlivable atmospheric conditions.

People are becoming environmentally conscious day by day. They strive for sustainable and environmental friendly options. As an answer to peopol’s demand Shun Shing Building Materials Limited (SSBML) has introduced solid blocks, hollow blocks and paving blocks as a replacement to conventional burnt clay bricks. Currently SSBML produces different types of blocks as per requirement. They are produced under state of the art ASTM C-140 technology.